Technical condition requirements for removed clutch cylinders

1. The core must have a readable producer number.2. The recycled core must be in line with the index of the finished product purchased.3. The core must have a Knorr or Wabco nameplate, other manufacturers' cores will not be accepted.4. The core can not have mechanical damage caused by improper maintenance or disassembly of the old part: eg impacts, cuts, grinding, breakage, tanning.5. Returns must be complete, assembled, with no traces of disassembly or modification. No parts screwed or press-mounted, eg electronics, compression piston rods, plugs - unacceptable.6. The core can not be heavily corroded behind the outer part of the body, casting.7. Returned core may not show excessive oxidation on the outside of the body, casting.8. Returns may not show signs of excessive damage caused by excessive use or improper operation.

Wabco Clutch Actuator – Core Acceptance Criteria


Only two combination of PN required:



Wabco Clutch Actuator – Core Acceptance Criteria

Not acceptable failures:

1.           Mechanical Damage on Housing / Piston

a)           Deep cracks

b)          Big, deep hits

c)           Deformed mounting holes

d)          Damaged ports/sensors

2.           Massive Corrosion

3.           Incompleteness

a)           Missing sensors

b)          Missing screws

c)           Disassembled/incomplete core