1. The returned removed part (core) must be an equivalent of the purchased product under the TR sale formula. It is recommended to deliver the part in the original packaging of the purchased product. If the original packaging is not available, the returned part must be explicitly marked with the index of the purchased product.2. According to the environment protection regulations, the cores shall be protected and packed in such a way that they cannot contaminate the environment. The removed parts (e.g. power steering gears, pumps, air conditioning compressors) shall be delivered without the working medium. The connections shall be closed using plugs, e.g. from the purchased products.3. We can accept only complete, not dismantled parts which comply with the technical requirements as specified below.

Technical condition requirements for removed turbocompressors

1. The turbocompressor may not have sings of dismantling and must be marked with legible numbers from the identification plate.2. The housing may not be deformed, cracked or have broken parts.3. The regulator must be screwed on the turbocompressor. 4. Number and producer returned core must be the same like buying part.
If customer buy Garrett part should return Garrett core.